Why IT Vendors Retain Us

Our group of leading technology analysts focuses on retainer-based product marketing consulting to IT vendors to provide forward-looking insight into key drivers of market demand, product definition, vendor differentiation, and the factors that impact successful implementation:

In addition, our MDM solutions providers who engage in a retainer-based relationship are provided a series of fee-based offerings including participation in and use of The MDM Institute logo for: sales seminars/webinars, white papers, case studies, competitive analysis, strategic selling workshops, etc.

The MDM software vendors covered by our research includes but is not limited to these “top 50” MDM vendors.

The MDM systems integrators and consultancies covered by our research includes but is not limited to these “top 50” MDM systems integrators.

IT Vendor References

“It is always a pleasure to meet Aaron Zornes and get his guidance on key strategic decisions for Oracle MDM. While always challenging, his questions are relevant, his assessments to the point and his advice insightful, a reflection of a true MDM professional. We are looking forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration.”

Pascal Laik
VP, Master Data Management Strategy

“Aaron is a visionary who has a pulse on what is happening in this fast moving market. He has helped spread the message of the importance of CDI and, now, MDM through his relentless efforts in market research and the CDI-MDM Summit conferences. His insights into CDI-MDM market and his persistent evangelical efforts have significantly helped Siperian reach the broad marketplace.”

Anurag Wadehra
VP, Marketing & Product Management
Siperian Inc.

“Since the inception of the CDI/MDM market, Aaron Zornes, and now the MDM Institute have been providing me with the type of unbiased, unfiltered market information and advice I need to be effective in my job.  Aaron is on the short list of people we trust to provide insight to help guide our strategic direction.”

Chris Lucas
VP, CDI Solutions
Dun & Bradstreet

Aaron has been a valuable resource in the validation and direction of Acxiom’s commercialization strategy. Aaron has helped us to determine which elements of the Acxiom CDI services platform and management framework will be most useful for our customers as we develop our on site and on demand products. Additionally, he’s been very valuable as we finalize and execute against our partner channel strategy”.

Jim Plas
Group Leader, CDI-X Product Group

"It is always a pleasure to meet Aaron Zornes and get his guidance on key strategic decisions for Oracle MDM. While always challenging, his questions are relevant, his assessments to the point and his advice insightful, a reflection of a true MDM professional. We are looking forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration."

Pascal Laik
VP, Master Data Management Strategy

“Aaron Zornes has been a leading figure in data management and BI for many years. As one of the first analysts to cover the CDI-MDM technology space, Aaron has amassed a large quantity of relevant data, an extremely broad set of industry contacts, and extensive experience in providing in-depth analysis of trends and technology. Aaron’s site is one of the first places anyone trying to understand the CDI and MDM landscape should visit.”

Roger Wolter
Program Manager
Microsoft MDM Team

"Aaron is one of the very few analysts who truly understands the value of a holistic approach to Enterprise Data Management. This is not just about vendor-specific software solutions alone; the full solution encompasses software, services, governance, data quality and training, all targeted at solving the thorny challenge of harmonized Master Data across global enterprises. Aaron shows how to make this pragmatic and achievable for all companies, large and small."

Tarun Batra

“I've known Aaron since my executive roles at Crystal/Seagate Software when he led the analyst research team at META Group. I have always found his opinions were indeed "authoritative" and "relevant".   At Purisma, we have found his insight and passion for all things CDI, MDM and data governance especially useful in helping shape our message.  Moreover, his capacity for evangelizing MDM via the CDI-MDM SUMMIT events has been especially prescient and supportive of our CDI vision.”

Pete Daffern

“Working with Aaron Zornes brought us CDI market insight and his independency, as analyst, and visionary views helped us to clearly define our strategy in this direction.”

Hugo Verwijs
Human Inference

“The CDI-MDM Institute provides us with valuable and original insight into the latest emerging trends within these dynamic market spaces
(CDI/MDM and related spaces) .  Their research reports and newsletters give us an unbiased analysis of developing stories that shape the market, such as M & A, new products, evolving standards and best practices.   We can always rely on Aaron's candid approach to commentating on news events and providing his audience with a perspective that balances business with technology.”

John de Wit

“As an early source of information and coverage of the MDM market Aaron has supplied valuable information helping us understand additional ways to help our customers.”

Dave Ireland
VP Sales

“Aaron Zornes has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of data warehousing, customer data integration and master data management, which is reflected in the CDI-MDM Institute and their research.   Their active leadership in this field has help to educate individuals and organizations while guiding the technology segment towards relevant features and functionality needed for viable solutions.”

Jonathan Wu, CPA CITP | Senior Principal
Information Management Practice | HP Services – Americas
Hewlett-Packard Company

“I have worked with Aaron Zornes and the CDI Institute for a number of years now including my management roles at i2 Technologies and Teradata.  Clearly they have been leading the charge in terms of building awareness of this space with customers as well as providing thoughtful insights into the CDI and MDM market trends.”

Satish Iyer
Vice President
CDI Solution Strategy

“Aaron’s vision for how to leverage customer information has been the leading light for innovation is this pervasive horizontal market for years.  His extraordinary knowledgebase and independent voice is the gold standard for insight into how to unlock the promise offered with complex CDI and MDM implementations.”

Robert Rich
DataQualityFirst Inc.

“The business value of CDI-MDM is unquestioned. But how to achieve this value is the hard part. Complex existing data silos, disparate middleware infrastructure, a plethora of business applications make the CDI-MDM journey a challenging one? The CDI-MDM Institute, with Aaron Zornes at the helm, provides enterprises with the direction they require to make this journey. Aaron stays on the forefront of vendor solutions capabilities and actual enterprise implementations. From these he accurately projects where vendors and enterprises will be 2, 3, and even 5 years out. His predictions are fact based, not "vendor-influenced"; independence that everyone appreciates. Further through his global event series, frequent speaking engagements, and free published research, Aaron's thought leadership is readily accessible to a broad audience.”

Robert Eve
VP Marketing
Composite Software