Why IT Organizations Retain Us

To provide feedback on our client's MDM initiatives we have two levels of sponsorship for IT organizations: (1) free membership (by invitation) in our MDM Advisory Council providing unlimited MDM consultation by phone, and (2) free membership in our MDM Business Council (survey base) which provides bi-weekly updates on key MDM trends and issues via an email newsletter.

User References

“I found Aaron's candor refreshing and invaluable. Makes me want to come back for more. Keep up the good work!"

Gerry Pastores
VP, Senior Architect
Bank of America

“Aaron Zornes provided us with a comprehensive and factual, analytical review of the current state of CDI-MDM technology. Aaron’s unbiased views, backed up by an insightful analysis of what’s behind the ‘slide-ware’ were of particular value, not only in the technology selection but also in considering broader issues of approach to, strategy for, and architecture of our Enterprise-wide CDI-MDM solution.”

Christopher A. Wildt
Chief Enterprise Architect
IT Division
Woolworths Limited

“The value of working with Aaron Zornes continued past the CDI solution selection process and included guidance on enhancements, data quality improvements and master data governance. His facilitation of non-supplier aligned references helped us build relationships for on-going experience sharing.”

Shawn Webster
Manager – Sales Center of Excellence
Corporate Marketing and Sales

“Aaron Zornes and the CDI-MDM Institute have been instrumental in helping us navigate the uncharted waters of implementing an effective and pragmatic solution to delivering an enterprise-wide view of our customers.  His work has been helpful in separating the myth from the reality in architecting a solution to this legacy problem and helping us better understand the players in this emerging market space.”

Jane Booth
Director Information Technology
Catherine Zyetz
Program Manager

“The CDI-MDM Institute was the first source of coverage for the CDI space and Aaron has provided valuable and relevant advice.”

Matt Stitz
CDI / MIO Project

“Aaron's research was a critical component of our CDI solution decision. It is very important to have an objective view of how to handle the issue of master data consolidation.”

Thomas Hannigan
Director Sales and Marketing Informatics
Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc.

“Aaron Zornes provided us with an in depth, unbiased survey of the state of CDI and CDI toolsets that accelerated our efforts in the arena. It is refreshing to find a resource that is willing to share both the strengths and the weaknesses of commercial tools.”

Steve Talus
Enterprise Architecture
Qwest Communications

“Aaron Zornes provided us with high quality and timely feedback on potential System Integrators with the CDI experience we need. This was especially helpful since real-world CDI experience is not easily found in the marketplace.”

Mike Overby
Manager, Information Systems
COUNTRY Insurance and Financial Services

“Aaron Zornes deserves kudos for recognizing the unique challenges in the CDI space very early. His incisive analysis cuts through the hype and provides actionable information to practitioners in this space.  The CDI-MDM Institute has become the de facto research destination for any one engaged in Master Data initiatives regardless of where they are in the evolution.”

Perri Husted
Program Manager
Global Development Information Services
Merck & Co.